Is Power Yoga Good for Health and Improving Your Life in Bangalore?

What Is Power Yoga Good For?

The world of yoga has different styles with varieties of stretches and poses that work on different goals and disciplines depending on its primary focus.

Power yoga works is a combination of three aspects such as yoga stretches, aerobics and workout exercises. Traditionally, Power yoga is a combination of Bikram and Ashtanga styles. In this yoga, there is a constant transition from one pose to another in a pre-designed changing sequence that would focus more on breathing patterns between each transition and less focus on mindfulness.

It is more of a dynamic and vigorous workout session that stresses strength building and resilience. Testimonials from our clients in Bangalore Yoga for Health show that power yoga increased their stamina, focus and stability. It also resolved their body posture issues. Power yoga is also known as “gym yoga” which improves health and life since they are interlinked for a better living.

Do you want to focus on a full-body workout that also has traces of the ancient practices collaborated with modern aerobics that focuses more on strength building rather than a meditating aspect that is inclusive in other styles of yoga?

Let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of power yoga that will help in understanding it better.

Advantages of Power Yoga

Boosts Immunity – The immune system gets deeply affected due to stress and toxins accumulation. Power yoga stimulates the lymph nodes in the body that eliminates toxins and stress-causing hormones. These functions of power yoga help in boosting the immunity levels of the body.

Helps in Muscle Strengthening – Without any usage of additional weights (unlike gym), power yoga focuses on carrying the entire body weight with particular yoga poses that also help in muscle building.

Hormonal Production and Regulation – The hormonal imbalance in the body is caused by varying levels of stress and toxins. Power yoga improves the functions of the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands which are responsible for hormonal secretion resulting in improved hormonal levels in the body.

Enhanced Lung Capacity – On observation, it is proved that most people take shallow and short breaths that do not allow the regulation of oxygen in the body. Power yoga aims toward taking deep and long breaths during the stretches; it improves lung capacity improving oxygen regulation in the body.

Improves Posture – Regular practice of power yoga improves the alignment of the body beginning from head to toe. In this way, the body posture also improves keeping us active and healthy.

Enhances Focus – The constant transition in yoga poses requires constant focus too. The same focusing ability is increased for other activities too helping in achieving different goals.

Improves Flexibility – The changing postures and bending poses during power yoga increase body flexibility. This fine-tuning of joints makes the body movements easy keeping the body strong and healthy.

Reduces High Blood Pressure – Stress levels and bad diet practices are the reasons for the rise in blood pressure. Power yoga relieves stress and calms the mind. A calm mind helps in reducing high blood pressure.

Proper Blood Circulation – In power yoga, rigorous workouts help in the proper circulation of blood to all parts of the body.

Disadvantages of Power Yoga 

Time Constraint – The power yoga is done for 60 minutes. When it is more than 60 minutes and extended up to 90 minutes, a shower becomes compulsory. Sometimes the time may not permit lengthy schedules and may lead to missing classes.

Adapting to the Environment – There may be times when the instructor is very rude and strict and pressurizes to perform the stretches faster without even proper guidance. Such instances may discourage people from doing power yoga.

Is It Ok to Do Power Yoga Every Day?

When your prime focus is muscle building and increasing the body flexibility that also helps in weight loss then power yoga is your “go-to” option. It is suggested to take power yoga classes thrice a week for 60 minutes of each class and give the required rest to the body on other days to recover from the wear and tear of the muscles that may happen due to the rigorous workouts.

Can a Beginner Do Power Yoga?

Power yoga is non-competitive and does not set any expectations to reach for. Such an environment gives space for the required pace of learning with simple asanas that improve overall wellness and also improve body strength and flexibility. Hence it is highly recommended for beginners to go for power yoga. Another notable advantage for beginners is, power yoga helps in weight loss and a 30 minutes session of this form of yoga, reduces more than 200 calories

It is important to know that there are a few conditions under which power yoga is to be avoided:

  • If you are not moderately it should be avoided since it requires an intense workout for the body to perform.
  • If you are pregnant it should be avoided since it may cause complications to the fetus.
  • If you have any chronic ailments such as arthritis or diabetes, power yoga should be avoided.

Power Yoga Benefits Skin

The power of yoga stretches and poses help in circulating blood well to all parts of the body. it also helps in purifying the blood and improved the oxygen supply to the skin also. This helps in healthy skin management and also helps in skin whitening. Some of the postures in yoga that help with skin problems are:

  • Suryanamaskar
  • Dhanurasana
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Halasana
  • Shoulder stand pose
  • Corpse pose

Bangalore Yoga For Health has one of the best trainers for Power Yoga in Bangalore. The expertise of our yoga trainers enhances the experience of performing different asanas and stretches.

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