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    Yoga For Children In Bangalore:

    Dear Parents, are you worried about your children’s health? If yes then be with us. Here, you will find the solution to the children’s health issues.

    Especially during this pandemic situation and digitalization period, kids are suffering from various mental and physical issues. Surely, you want to know about the permanent solution to it. Let’s see which can bring the best solution for your children’s happy growth. 

    Childhood is an essential part of every kid’s life. During this time, they need proper mental and physical growth. Yoga is an excellent free-hand exercise for everyone. From the ancient period, Yoga brings positivity into people’s life. Yoga for children can be the secret key to getting a healthier life for your child.

    For children, yoga can bring good health and growth at their growing age. Regular yoga not only increases immunity and physical ability but also improves mental ability in children’s bodies. 

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    Yoga for Children Why Needed in Today’s Digital Age: 

    In today’s digital age, children are too active and curious. Due to this excessive activity and curiosity, they cannot concentrate on their studies and extracurricular activity. 

    And parents are really worried about their beloved children’s development because most parents are busy with their work and profession. 

    Due to a busy schedule, parents cannot give more time to their children. Yoga can bring great solutions to all problems. Yoga increases concentration power and helps in health development. Children can easily stay away from electronic gadgets and focus on their studies by adopting a yoga routine. Let’s see how yoga is helpful for children,

    • Meditation: 
    1. Yoga helps the children to concentrate and focus on every work through meditation. 
    2. By practicing regular yoga, children can calm their super-active minds.
    3. Gradually they start doing study and extracurricular activities with concentration. 
    4. As a result, it starts learning correctly and quickly.
    • Physical Activity: 
    1. Mostly, children in the digital age like to spend time with mobile games instead of playing outside. 
    2. So due to less physical activity, children suffer from obesity at a young age. 
    3. Yoga sessions are very beneficial to children to make them active physically. 
    • Socialization: 
    1. In the digital age, children mostly spend time in their home or else in school. That is why they don’t know how to socialize with other people, so they become introverts. 
    2. In yoga classes, they will meet with other children and yoga teachers. 
    3. They will have a good time with friends, so they learn how to communicate with people. This will increase their self-confidence.
    • Mental Stress: 
    1. Children of this digital age also suffer from mental stress, including depression and anxiety. 
    2. Most parents do not believe that, but it is true. Nowadays, the digital-age children need free time because the pressure of studies and competitions is too high. 
    3. Without having a break, children feel monotonous with their studies. But most working parents cannot give the proper time. 
    4. In yoga classes, they will get free time to relax their mind without facing any competition.
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    Yoga Classes for Children in Bangalore: 

    Bangalore is a famous and one of the biggest cities in India. You will find many yoga studios in this city. If you live here, you will have many options to find a suitable yoga class for your children. Generally, most institutions provide yoga sessions for 1 hour to 2 hours for the children. You can get many budget-friendly packages of yoga sessions for your children in Bangalore. 

    Most yoga institutions in Bangalore schedule their yoga classes for children in the evening so they can enjoy free time after returning from school.

    You can search for yoga classes for children at your nearest location to save time. Not only that but also children can not travel for long times. They will feel tired after returning from Yoga class.

    Kids Need to Practice: 

    Children should perform simple yoga poses during the initial period of the yoga session. Some simple yoga poses are highly beneficial for children: 

    • Corpse Pose/ Savasana: 
    1. Children can start learning yoga with this easy yoga pose. This pose can help them to calm their mind and relax their body. 
    2. This simple pose is surely liked by the children. This move enhances the creativity and concentration power of the children. 

    Easy Sitting Pose or Sukhasana:

    1. This is an excellent exercise for kids and very easy to do for children. 
    2. This move is involved relaxation of the body as well as the mind. It helps to increase the concentration power of the children.
    • Tree Pose/ Trikonasana:
    1.  This pose is one of the best yoga poses for kids to teach young minds about the grace of nature. 
    2. This pose is among the most popular for children to practice yoga regularly. 
    3. This pose improves the body balance of children and provides strength to the muscle of the legs, hips, glutes, and core.
    • Cat Pose or Marjaryasana: 
    1. This pose must-have in your children’s list of yoga moves. 
    2. This position is so favorite among the kids as the final shape looks like a cute cat. 
    3. This pose always brings a smile to the innocent face of the children. 
    4. This pose improves the correct seating and standing posture of the body. 
    5. Also, increase the good circulation of spinal fluid and strengthens the tummy muscle.

    Teaching Yoga to Kids:

    When you are planning to admit your children to yoga classes, please check the reviews first. Try to present during the fast and second class of your children’s yoga session in the new institution.

     If possible, visit the yoga institution before admission of the children. Kids are good learners as they copy from the elders whatever they see. 

    That is why it is essential to maintain some rules while teaching children anything. Try to monitor the following things in the yoga classes during your children’s yoga sessions: 

    children yoga classes in bangalore
    • The Activity of the Teacher: 
    1. Observe how the yoga instructor communicates with your children. 
    2. The Yoga instructor has to be polite while communicating with the children but a bit tough whenever needed. 
    3. A yoga instructor can not behave rudely toward your children. It is not an excellent way to teach children.
    • Proper Asana for the Children: 
    1. Yoga instructors must know the suitable yoga asana for the children. 
    2. Some specific yoga moves or asanas are beneficial for the children’s growth. Tough moves can be harmful to children.
    • Healthy environment: 
    1. Children like to copy their elders at every moment, so any unpleasant environment is unsuitable for children’s growth. 
    2. If yoga instructors use bad language, children will catch it quickly. Not only that, yoga instructors should never compare the children. 
    3. Children should learn yoga in yoga classes without having any competitive minds.
    • Introduction to Ancient Culture: 
    1. Yoga is our ancient culture and is practiced by Sages. Short stories about the ancient practice of yoga will interest the children in ancient culture. 
    2.  Yoga instructors should share those short stories in between short breaks during yoga sessions.
    3.  In this way, children will enjoy their yoga sessions without feeling monotonous.
    • Introduction About the Benefits of Yoga: 
    1. Yoga instructors should explain the benefits of yoga in the first introductory class in the yoga session. 
    2. A yoga instructor should know about the benefits of yoga Children will learn it with their total concentration. They also will be interested in practicing it regularly after knowing its benefits. 

    Yoga for Kids Needs Supervision: 

    Teaching yoga to kids is a little more challenging than teaching yoga to adults. Parents and yoga instructors must be careful during the kid’s yoga sessions. Following things need to be supervised during the children’s yoga session.

    • Supervise that every child in the yoga classes is learning yoga properly.
    • Every child has the same learning capability. If any kid takes time to learn, the instructor should give them time instead of scolding.
    • Children’s minds are too soft and innocent. That is why they need gentle care to flourish. The yoga instructors should be polite and will care for the children gently during the yoga session.
    • Never encourage children in unhealthy competition during yoga sessions time. Children should learn yoga in a relaxed mental state, without competition.
    • Every child has not the same ability. That is why monitoring the children’s behaviors during Yoga sessions is essential. 
    • If children misbehave with others, the instructor should talk with them privately.
    • It would not be good if the instructor shouted at them in front of others. At first, the instructor should talk to them about it privately and warn them softly. 
    • After monitoring 2 to 3 times, the instructor should contact the parents.
    • Children taking yoga classes in Bangalore must be monitored to ensure that they practice yoga regularly.
    • Especially in online classes, yoga instructors and parents should monitor yoga practice in children. 

    Yoga is the best way to change your children’s lives. Regular yoga practice will bring positivity to your children’s physical and mental health. 

    So if you live in Bangalore, contact the best yoga institution for children. And let your kids enjoy a good healthy phase that will be a valuable asset to your children’s lives forever. 

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