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    Yoga Therapy In Bangalore

    Yoga is the most ancient practice of being healthy in Indian culture. Today yoga is not limited to Indian culture but is adopted by people all over the world. Research says that yoga and Medical Science are deeply connected with each other. From that point, the time yoga therapy evolved.

    Yoga therapy can be defined as the bridge between the world of yoga and the world of Medical Science. Both of these are important factors that work together to improve the condition of a person who has conic pain. 

    The Term yoga therapy was introduced by Swami Kuvalyananda in the 1920s. He made it possible to start applying the specific effects of yoga to medical conditions that can bring physiological changes in a person’s life with positivity. 

    yoga therapy in bangalore

    Nowadays yoga therapy becomes so popular that many doctors support it and also recommend it to patients who are suffering from any type of conic physical pain as well as mental illness.

    Yoga Therapy Has Three Different Perspectives: 

    1. Yoga therapy uses yoga to gain a sense of power both muscular and concentration. This application is known as Shakti Karma. This practice provides the overall strength and increases the ability to work.
    2. Yoga therapy also uses the power of yoga to heal specific problems and this practice is known as Chikitsa Karma. In this part at first sickness is treated to be cured. If there is no sickness then necessary protection should be taken. 
    3. Not only the improvement of physical pain but also yoga therapy can be used as the spiritual power of yoga to stable mental disturbance. This practice is known as Madhyamika Karma. Through enchanting, you will get actual mental peace that also influences the positive in your life as well as improves your physical condition.

    Difference Between Yoga And Yoga Therapy:

    There are some differences between yoga and yoga therapy, let’s see what are those: 

    People join yoga to improve their overall fitness but doctors recommended yoga therapy in case of new profounded issues and to get relief from a particular pain or health hazard. 

    Yoga therapy is highly informed by medical physiological psychology as well as neuroscience. Yoga therapy looks to address the route cause of the learner’s illness and provides a sustainable way to manage it.

    Everyone can join yoga classes in Bangalore and yoga trainers teach yoga poses that can be performed by all people to improve their overall health condition. But yoga therapy is individualized and designed around the pacific needs of clients. 

    Yoga therapy also empowers individuals by helping them to overcome their health challenges. Sustainable yoga therapy is a part of medical knowledge and physiotherapeutic skills that secured people who are suffering from fluctuating mental conditions and it also improves their health status. 

    Yoga is a sequential regular practice of several poses like an exercise. The different forms of yoga provide several benefits like improvement in health and conditions mental stress. But yoga therapy only focuses on the solution of a particular cause and practicing only a few particular moves as the solution to health issues. 

    People can try different types of yoga during their yoga sessions as per their choice. But in Yoga therapy, class clients have to listen to the instruction of the instructor to get the improvement from chronic pain.

    Ways To Improve Your Yoga Therapy In Bangalore: 

    Yoga therapy conveys the message that in most cases mental illness improves through regular yoga therapy. The exercise and posture are included in Yoga therapy which is designed to maximize the synchronicity of your mind and body functions. 

    Let’s see what are the techniques that can improve your yoga therapy: 

    1. Yoga Poses Your therapist will design the sequence of yoga poses to improve your pain. Not random yoga poses, to reduce the pain you have to follow some specific yoga poses.
    2. Breathing Exercise: Breathing exercises are always good to improve overall health conditions and specific painful states. So, people who suffer from any chronic pain or mental issues can practice breathing exercises during yoga therapy. Breathing exercises increase the long capacity and help to inhale more oxygen. Breathing exercises help you to get more oxygen and improve blood circulation also. Gradually you will get faster relief from the pain.
    3. Relaxation of Mind by Meditation: When you are suffering from physical pain then your mind also suffers simultaneously. You feel disturbed and cannot concentrate on your work. So it is important to relax your mind during therapy. Meditation helps you to stable your mental peace so you can embrace your mind with positivity and your recovery will be faster.
    4. Relaxation Exercise: The therapist will include some relaxation exercises in a yoga therapy session. So you can be relaxed full and this idea will help you to gain more strength.

    The Main Principles Of The Form Of Yoga Therapy:

    Yoga therapy can be defined as the application of yoga to a particular person. It is without the objective of achieving a particular spiritual as well as physiological goal. The concept of yoga therapy respects individual differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy, occupation, physical health as well as mental health. 

    The main principles of the form of yoga therapy are given below: 

    1. Yoga therapists during yoga therapy class will teach appropriate asanas to the individual.
    2. Yoga therapists always respect individuals’ choices. 
    3. Every student needs to be taught according to their constitution, age, as well as physical condition. 
    4. The session will be scheduled depending on the occupation of the individual. For example therapy for a teacher and therapy for an athlete will be different.
    5. A teacher has to understand the capacity of the student so they can schedule the session according to their ability.
    6. The teaching process must be with the observation capability of the mind. Teachers have to monitor the interest of the student. According to their interest in exercising devotion to God and chanting the session will be scheduled. 

    Yoga Therapy For Mental Health: 

    During this fast life, people suffer from heavy mental pressure in their professional and personal life. Gradually people can be affected by several mental issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. 

    In this modern age, people are liberal to do according to their choice and needs. Not only adults but also teenagers become addicted to narcotics. These drugs usually affect the physical and mental state of an individual. Especially, it creates pressure on mental health and increases the chances of conic mental illness. 

    Mental illness can be devastating if it will be not treated in the proper time. Yoga therapy uses the power of yoga to improve the mental illness of an individual. According to research by Medical Science, it has been proven that yoga therapy is really helpful to treat mental disorders.

    Generally, neuro medicines are used to treat mental disorders but in chronic cases, medicines cannot provide 100% satisfactory results. But doctors hope that yoga therapy can bring a better change in an individual who suffers from any kind of mental issue. 

    Proper yoga therapy may specifically help the individual with mental illness in the following ways: 

    1. Calming Effect: To treat illness, it is important to calm the mind of the person who is suffering from mental issues. Regular practice of Asanas and breathing exercises are very beneficial for everyone, especially for those patients who are suffering from mental illnesses. They will be able to be fine by reducing mental disturbance.
    2. Increasing Awareness: Yoga therapy increases awareness in society as well as among individuals about mental illness.  So, if you are suffering from any physical chronic pain or any mental issues, then go ahead with yoga therapy and bring positive changes to cure all the diseases. 
    3. A Sense of Security: Yoga therapy can be used as a spiritual power, people can adopt it as bhakti yoga which is helpful to treat patients with mental illness. Spirituality brings the highest level of mental peace and positivity to human life. Positive mind and mental peace influence the therapeutic process of treatment of mental illness. With mental peace, the patient can recover from hallucination delusion or bizarre behavior. 

    So if you are suffering from any kind of physical pain or mental issues then can take the advantage of yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is the magic that can bring a huge change in your life with positivity and prosperity. 

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